The Trump brand now comes with a presidential seal affixed to it.

Donald Trump won the presidency after a campaign in which he was ridiculed, then admired, then feared for his unparalleled ability to tap into the American id. But while his special appeal to white, older American men won him the White House, it is not a relationship much prized by corporate America and scrutiny of his business practices have hung out a warning sign for future collaborators.


It’s still unclear exactly what Trump will do with his businesses while in office. He will not be able to manage them himself. For whoever takes over, the question now is whether his newfound followers are numerous enough to sustain a change in his companies’ position and whether his pre-election customers have dumped him for good.

After his win on Tuesday, there are certainly millions of Trump followers who represent a formidable base from which to grow his business. But this campaign, the ugliest in living memory, has also left Trump facing some big problems.


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